Cembra’s greatest asset: our employees

Employee diversity and development are core elements of Cembra’s corporate culture. Head of Human Resources Annekathrin Krügel-Falkenberg and her team make sure that employees have an inspiring, collaborative workplace where trust and team spirit take centre stage.

­In 2020, Cembra was recognised as a Great Place to Work for the second time. What are Cembra’s strengths as an employer?

Our strengths are our team spirit, our teamwork and our friendly atmosphere – these are all borne out in the results of our employee survey. We care deeply about being a good employer. We listen and want to improve continuously. Since 2019, we have been rolling out various initiatives to promote a ­culture of trust and teamwork under a programme we call “Trust and Team”. We strongly emphasise diversity, flexible working models and a strong feedback culture.

How does Cembra support its employees?

We invest a lot in our employees’ development. Young talent is supported through our “Radix” programme. We also offer all our employees a wide-ranging training catalogue and generous financial support for ­external training. With initiatives such as ­“Vitality”, “Connect” and “Volunteers”, we promote our employees’ physical and ­mental health, encourage networking and support their ­involvement in social causes that go beyond their jobs. We are committed to ensuring that our employees have a safe workplace where they can work together in a spirit of trust. This has been particularly important to us during the Covid-19 crisis.

Why is employee support so important?

Our employees are the key to our success. Cembra grows with and because of them – that is why we make sure we motivate and support them in their development. What’s more, customer focus is one of our values: our customers can sense if we are an internally efficient, well-functioning company. And that inspires mutual trust and builds strong customer relationships.

“We strongly emphasise diversity, flexible working models and an open feedback culture.”

Annekathrin Krügel-Falkenberg, Head of Human Resources