At Cembra we generate long-term value, by actively considering the interests and expectations of our most relevant stakeholders, by fostering responsible behaviour and practices and by actively contributing to a more sustainable future. We are aware of the impact of our activities and of our responsibilities towards our customers, business partners, regulators, shareholders, employees and communities. In this way, we always aim to adhere to high responsibility standards from an economic, legal, social, environmental and ethical perspective. As a forward-looking business partner, we share our expertise and innovation capacity in order to develop demand-based and reliable financing solutions.

Our commitments:

  • As a responsible provider of financing solutions, we ensure the quality and integrity of all our products and services.

  • As a forward-looking business partner, we share our expertise and innovation capacity in order to develop demand-based and reliable financing solutions.

  • As a credible investee, we adhere to strict governance and risk management practices.

  • As an attractive employer, we promote well-being in the workplace, diversity, equal opportunities, and personal development, and we raise our employees’ awareness of our environmental and social responsibilities.

  • As a good corporate citizen, we contribute to community development and use resources in a sustainable manner while minimising the negative impacts on the natural environment.

This policy statement applies to all employees and is actively shared with contractors, suppliers and other key business partners. Members of the Management Board are responsible for ensuring full compliance with this policy.

Our most relevant sustainability themes:

Customer Orientation

We aim to ensure that our customers are satisfied and reward us with a high level of retention and loyalty. We want to provide high customer value and to differentiate ourselves through outstanding service and operational excellence. We are committed to offering our clients transparent and responsible solutions that meet their needs and foster sustainable behaviour.

Quality and Integrity of Products and Services

We aim to be recognised by our stakeholders as a responsible provider of financing products and services. Our overall goal is to provide customers with the amount of credit that suits their individual situation and to prevent people from taking on too much debt.

People and Development

Our employees are one of our most import­ant stakeholder groups. Their commitment and contributions enable us to be one of the most successful banks in Switzerland. We are committed to provide our employees with a great place to work, with a healthy environment, to further their development and careers, and to appreciate their perform­ance.

Environmental stewardship

As we only provide lending, deposit and savings products in our home market of Switzerland, our environmental footprint is relatively small. However, we are committed to using resources in a sustainable manner, minimising the negative impact of our operations, and fostering the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Business integrity

As an independent Bank and market leader, we are convinced that strict regulatory requirements and transparent information are a good way to inspire greater confidence among customers and other key stakeholders. Employees are responsible for their actions, should ensure complete transparency and need to behave with integrity.

Community Engagement

At Cembra, we take our social responsibility seriously. By focusing on disadvantaged people, we want to strengthen how Cembra is perceived in the market. We see ourselves as equal partners, and we attach great importance to supporting projects and initiatives for the long term.